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At Windmill Stone we have beautiful and high quality garden and landscaping decorations. Our garden decorations add that finishing touch to any product and help achieve your overall vision.

One Litre Cartridge Application Gun and Nozzle

Manufacturers describe the Gun via the main use as for heavy duty dispensing of dense liquid form product while now on the market the I ltr can be used for many other applications in the construction industry where other I ltr product cartridges are available ie mastic sealents etc.
This Application Gun comes with a specific nozzle attachment for the one litre DPC cartridge

Price €55.96

Windmill DPC Injection/Spray Pump 5L

5 Litre operating capacity.
This unit is compatible with water-based products such as weed control products for your garden.
Windmill DPC Cream Injection Pump is supplied with a standard spray head and a brass spray lance.
Brass Spray lance is to be used in conjunction with DPC Cream.

Price €39.97

Windmill Flexicoat

Size: 25L 5L
Coverage: 2 Coats at 2m² per litre

WIndmill Flexicoat DPM (25 litres) is a brush applied waterproofing with a blend of emulsion, rubber latex and bitumen adhesive mixed that can be used to waterproof many types of leaking roofs.
This waterproofing emulsion can be used as a waterproofer, multi- purpose adhesive or crack sealer in a variety of construction situations both internally or externally.
Typical applications:
As a protective coating on bridge abutments
Waterproofing walls prior to plastering
Damp proof membrane under concrete and roof screeds (sandwich membrane)
Repairs of cracks in black top surfacing and concrete
Fixing woodblocks and panel parquetry

€ 150 25ltr
€ 34 5ltr

Windmill Plaster Membrane Kit

Windmill Plaster Membrane has a 3mm profile
It is easy to use, off white colour and waterproof for use on damp walls.
Easy to install, the special mesh on one side allows you to plaster straight onto the membrane, or dot and dab with plasterboard.

This Kit contains
10 m² (1m x 10m) of meshed membrane (3mm profile)
100 x sealed plaster plugs
10m of fleece band plaster membrane tape (used to seal joints between the membrane)

Manufactured in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 of the European Parliament. Assessed and verified to the standards described in EN 13967:2012.
Certificate CE EN 13967_4354 Certification Body CE1213.

Price € 153.50

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