A Guide To Using Garden Stones

When looking at adding decorative stone to your garden, you should first think of the reason you want to add the garden stones. Once you know what you will use the stone for, you will be able to choose the right type of garden stone for the project and for your garden.
We have put together this simple guide for you to understand more about the types of stone available and the different ways in which you can use them in your garden.

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Types of Decorative Stone

Gravel & Chippings

Gravel and chippings are a type of decorative stone that usually come in irregular shapes with sharp edges. Due to their irregular shapes, these garden stones can interlock easily which makes for great packing. As well, when gravel and chippings have been packed down properly, they anchor to the ground and keep their position even through different weather conditions.
At Windmill Stone, we have a wide range of gravel and chipping to choose from in many colours and sizes.

Garden Pebbles

These garden stones are usually smooth and come with rounded edges, unlike the sharp edges of gravel & chippings. Garden pebbles are also much bigger than gravel & chippings, coming in at a couple of centimetres for each stone. When using these stones for your garden, avoid placing them on sloped surfaces as they will be more prone to movement.
As a garden stone supplier for Dublin, we carry many types of garden pebbles. We offer different colours and different sizes of the beautiful decorative stone.

Glass Stone

Here at Windmill Stone, we also offer a range of glass stone that can be used for decorative purposes. We don’t suggest using the glass stone anywhere that you will walk or putting a lot of pressure on. A brilliant use for glass stones and chippings is putting them in vases to decorate seating areas either inside or outside.

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Ways to Use Your Garden Stones

Now that you know the different types of decorative stone that Windmill Stone offers, here are some suggestions on how to use them properly.

Wanting Style

When you’re looking at garden stones to use to add some style to your outdoor space, then you’re in luck because every type of decorative stone that we offer at Windmill Stone is a great option. As a top garden stone supplier in Dublin, we know we have the right stone for any project you have.
However, from our years of experience working with decorative stone, we know that the most natural garden accessory to go for are garden pebbles. Coming in an array of colours and sizes, these stones are a great option to use when you want to cover any bare patches in your garden but still keep the moisture in the soil. Using these garden pebbles will also help control and prevent weeds from growing.

Looking For Better Drainage

If you have noticed after a heavy rainfall that you have some issues with your garden draining properly, then looking into garden stones which help with drainage is a good idea. You may not realise that decorative stone can actually help to ease any risk of damage to your landscapes and foundation. This is because of their porous nature, which absorbs water instead of letting it settle and sit in puddles.
Using a smaller size gravel is ideal for places where you have concerns about drainage like in flower beds and pots. However, we do not recommend using it in an area that you are planning on putting any furniture as it will not be the best support.

Wanting to Create a Driveway or Path

If you are looking to create a path or driveway, the best type of stone to use would be from our gravel & chippings selection. As said above when we explained gravel & chippings, these garden stones meld together tightly under pressure, making a durable surface that won’t move.

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FAQ on Using Garden Stones

  • Where is a decorative stone supplier near me?

    Windmill Stone is conveniently located on the Naas Road in Rathcoole, Dublin. However, we also ship internationally.

  • How much decorative stone do I need?

    When looking at how much stone you will need may be an estimate, however we are always here if you need advice and recommendations.